Our Favourite Racing Sports

On this special page people will be able to find information regarding which racing sports are the most appreciated by the blog’s administrators, classified according to their special ranking system. People can visualise the different sports and 5c79b28a-bec9-4780-bb9f-194fafd11b68image3their standings in a special ranking created by the Blog for Racing Sport administrators. Over the course of the last few years, they have constantly observed and monitored the evolution of racing sports such as car racing, motorcycle racing or cycling and after collecting and gathering sufficient information, they have created a top where their favourite sports are ranked according to several well defined parameters.

The parameters which constitute the basis upon which the ranking of the different sports are given include the following:

  • The respective sports’ number of annually held events, which is one of the main factors that decides on its popularity;
  • The number of leagues or divisions that are available in each racing sport, since this will also increase the popularity and public availability for that respective sport, making it more easy to follow by people all around the world;
  • The number of participant for each of the different divisions in that sport, as this also increases the popularity;
  • The number of fans attending the different events, according to the statistics provided by the organising parties;
  • The total fund allocated to all the winning places in the respective sport.

After summing-up all the mentioned parameters into a specific algorithm, this will yield the rankings and standings of the different racing sports.

As it stands, the favourite sports according to the Blog for Racing Sport are car racing, motorcycle racing and horse racing, in this particular order. This however is the result of the experimental algorithm deployed by the blog owners and it must not be treated as a reference, as differences might arise.

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