Our Favourite Racing Sports

On this special page people will be able to find information regarding which racing sports are the most appreciated by the blog’s administrators, classified according to their special ranking system. People can visualise the different sports and their standings in a special ranking created by the Blog for Racing Sport administrators. Over the course of

Racing Sports Resources and Links

The founders of this racing sports blog are inviting everyone to access a collection of resources that were specifically gathered for those who enjoy racing sports and wish to find out even more about the different disciplines involved. Several websites and external links are provided, together with information collected over the years, which are meant

Competitive Cycling – A Thrilling Racing Sport

Cycling probably manages to out take all the other motorised racing sports, simply because its participants are using only the resources of their own bodies when competing. Indeed, the technological advancements in the form and function of the modern bicycle are making a considerable difference when compared to the same situation from 100 years ago.

Horse Racing – Equestrian Elite Competitions

When it comes to horse racing, one can say that this type of racing sport is a whole different thing altogether. And rightfully so, because here the source of propulsion is also represented by a living being – the horse. Furthermore, some consider horse racing even more skill demanding than other racing sports, and it

How to Bet on Racing Sports

For the betting and casino aficionados out there, this page will present some general information about how to place bets on racing sports and how to make sure that their winnings are increased. Since some users might already be familiar with betting on sports and competition events, they must be aware though, that racing sports

Extreme or Unusual Racing Sports

Although some of the unusual and extreme racing sports that are about to be presented on this page aren’t actually certified as sports in the true sense, they are worth mentioning, as there are interesting aspects that might fascinate some users out there. Starting off with bed racing, it is pretty easy and self explanatory

Some General Information About Racing Sports

When the term “racing sports” is used, oftentimes people who employ it will refer to sports competitions that involve some form of racing. Regardless of if it’s a marathon, downhill biking contest or car racing on a circuit, as long as the event is catalogued as a sports event and its participants are enrolled into

Motor Racing – Cars, Motorcycles or Motorboats

Some of the most widespread, if not the most widespread racing sports are the ones that involve some form of mechanical motorisation. Here the participants who are competing in the sports event are aided by man-made mechanical contraptions that have their own mechanical propulsion systems – cars, boats, planes, and so on. There’s a very