Competitive Cycling – A Thrilling Racing Sport

Cycling probably manages to out take all the other motorised racing sports, simply because its participants are using only the resources of their own bodies when competing.

Indeed, the technological advancements in the form and function of the modern bicycle are making a considerable difference when compared to the same situation from 100 years cycle-663342_960_720ago. The advantages that a properly designed bicycle can bring to an athlete are only 20% when compared to the skill and sheer physical power required in order to compete in this discipline.

There are numerous types of competition cycling, each more spectacular than the other, but by far some of the most intriguing and adrenaline-packed one is represented in the mountain biking sector, be it downhill or free ride racing. This is where the skill and computational power of the brains of those who ride their bicycles really make a significant difference. This is where one has the chance to see just what the human body can do in terms of reaction, speed and adaptation to the terrain.

Some could argue that road cycling is also spectacular and that is true, because it provides an authentic racing feel to it, but having numerous monotonous road sections where no much action is developing, it might be slightly less spectacular than downhill racing. One notable difference is the fact that most of the time, in road cycling, there will be team work involved, by alternatively holding the lead and switching places in order to ensure that the peloton reaches pole position.

Downhill racing, on the other hand, is a highly individual battle, which subjects its participants to considerable forces and great risk, precisely because of the very rugged and heterogeneous nature of the trails. Being held most of the time on treacherous and dangerous mountain terrains, downhill racing will imply a short race and it will require its participants to hold on tight to their bikes and try to achieve the perfect time by simply “gliding” their bicycles.

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