Extreme or Unusual Racing Sports

Although some of the unusual and extreme racing sports that are about to be presented on this page aren’t actually certified as sports in the true sense, they are worth mnissan-848897_960_720entioning, as there are interesting aspects that might fascinate some users out there.

  • Starting off with bed racing, it is pretty easy and self explanatory what this racing discipline entails. The competitors, which form a team, need to carry a bed using various frames and perform this task over a delimited race track;
  • Zorbing or racing inside balls, implies that the competitors enter specially designed orbs, which have transparent cushioning all around and are released downhill together with the rest of the participants. Although athletes might not have too much control over their descent, this will surely make for a spectacular race;
  • Wife carrying competitions are indeed a thing and involve men, which are required to carry their wives on their backs over rugged terrains, often time crossing rivers, mud puddles and other obstacles that are meant to make them fall;
  • Triathlon and biathlon could be considered some of the extreme racing sports out there, not because of the propulsion speed, but because their participants are required to shift several different propulsion modes: bicycle, running or swimming, all over varying terrain, in remote and dangerous areas;
  • RC car racing falls under the unusual racing sports, simply because full-grown adults choose to use radio controlled scale cars and drive them over small tracks, instead of doing so with regular cars;
  • Sleigh and bobsleigh racing are well pinned into the extreme racing sports, because of the speeds at which the competitors are running and the potential dangers that lurk around each bend and twist of the ice trails. Reaching speeds of more than 120 kilometres per hour, bobsleigh competitors expose themselves to a great risk when competing in such events. Even a slight deviation from the ideal path can lead to their death.

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