Some General Information About Racing Sports

When the term “racing sports” is used, oftentimes people who employ it will refer to sports competitions that involve some form of racing. Regardless of if it’s a marathon, downhill biking contest or car racing on a circuit, as long as the event is catalogued as a sports event and its participants are enrollbasic-tips-in-sports-car-racinged into any form of tournament, the event can be classified as being a part of the category of racing sports.

Since we were able to define what they basically are, we can now proceed with saying that there are various types or racing sports, which can be classified in accordance with the means that serve the competitors as a propulsion mechanism.

What that implies, is the fact that a racing sport can be categorised by accounting for the way which its participants manage to move along whatever track, circuit or road they are currently competing on. By using this logic, one can easily classify the racing sports as motorised and non-motorised. This classification scheme was the one used when creating this blog and this is the reason why the racing sports presented here are only a handful.

Therefore, in the motor racing sports we can talk about disciplines such as car racing, motorbike racing or even boat racing (although this type of racing sport will not be covered in detail on this blog). On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are racing sports that do not use any form of mechanical motorisation and require their participants to supply their own propulsion by the means of the bio-mechanical strength offered by their bodies. This would include sports such as cycling or competitive running. All of these imply that their participants are the sole suppliers for the propulsion, through their own bodies.

Other such activities, such as horse racing, could be considered as hybrid in the classification, since their participants are aided by other living beings.

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